Who is Joe Wheeler?

I never like to write 'about me' sections on websites or even my own Bio or creating my own press kits so I will do my best to explain about who I am.

AGE: 36   HEIGHT: 5FT 6.    BORN: ESSEX (UK)    RESIDES: ESSEX    STATUS: Single    JOB: Music Producer/DJ and Filmmaker (and many other things). STARSIGN: PISCES

HOBBIES:  Gaming, Listening to Music, Weight Training, Dining out, Cinema, Small Social Gatherings, Camping Trips, Travelling, Writing, Sci Fi, Horror, Relaxing, Virtual Reality.


Here is a list of my current studio setup (this is subject to change every now and then).

Roland TR-8 Rhythm Performer
Roland MX1 (Coming Soon)
Roland TB-3 Touch Bassline
Roland VT-3 Voice Transformer
M-AUDIO Axiom Mini Air 32 (with drumpads)
Clifton Electronic Drumkit (circuit bent)
Korg Volca Sample
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Volca FM
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Monotron Delay
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4
Yamaha DJX II
Zoom H2 Mic
Singtrix + Mic
Numark Midi Controller
Akia APC Mini
Sony Laptop
Dell I5 Laptop
Xeon Desktop
6 Core Desktop


Ableton Live
FL Studio
Reason 8
Traktor 2

Now here comes the difficult part. I do have a story to tell but will not type it all in the bio section. There maybe a future video on Youtube or maybe a short docu film made.



I was born in a small fishing town called Barking which is in the county of Essex and is one of the Greater London Boroughs. Most people call Barking part of East London.  I started off pursuing the sport of Boxing and Martial arts and I had got to the point where I was planning to take the sport further and make it a career, I went semi pro but had to retire due to a head injury.  That is when I switched over to music. I learnt how to DJ myself, saved up to buy my own decks and decided to expand further and get into music production too. I created my own small Indie label and began releasing music under different names.

I then got into making movies, the movie I am most well known for is the Grindhouse Indie Horror 'JENGO HOOPER'. I feel like I will never be able to escape that character now. I have had award nominations and won awards for my films, I also help others to get their films screened and sometimes create awards for others.


Recently I broke into the iTunes charts with my album Infinium, it got to number 1 in the Dance chart and number 17 in the General Albums chart in Turkey. My music is also taking off on Spotify where I have now hit over 100.000 plays across my tracks.

I have plans for the future to expand my career fusing music, filmmaking and writing and taking it further with some game developing courses.


I consider myself an entrepreneur AND entertainer who makes a decent yet NOT extravagent living producing music, djing and releasing Grindhouse movies. I’m not interested in earning a fortune or even to be a millionaire. I just like to earn enough to pay the bills and buy things I need to live a stress free and anxiety free life. 

I record and produce music under the name of 'Joe Wheeler' with quite a catalogue of releases behind my name, and most recently I recorded an album under the new name of 'Mr Acid'. I do regular online radio show broadcasts where I do hour to an hour and 30 minute dj sets.  I also write screenplays for movies, create and design CGI and 3D scenes, objects and virtual filmsets for use in my own movie projects and I also create some for other people through a site called Turbo Squid.

Away from the music side of things I also produce, write and create/direct my own movies, currently I am working on a Sci Fi Grindhouse movie titled Star Gods of Terra and also in pre-production stage for 'Jengo Hooper Returns' which will be the sequel to the award winning 'Jengo Hooper' movie.